In 2002 Tear It Up released their only full length album, "NOTHING TO NOTHING," on Dead Alive Records. The songs were short, fast, and aggressively in your face tackling depression, relationship issues, and imminent government collapse. It was instantly heralded by many within the punk/hardcore community as the best album of the year. Nearly fifteen…Read more NOTHING to NOTHING


Catching up with ‘Dan Conner’

Name : Dan Conner Occupation : Artist / Master in collage Date of birth : 1983 Nationality : American Based in : San Diego, USA La Gazette des Artistes : La Gazette absolutely loves collage art. How did you get into collage ? How and when did it start for you ? Why did you…Read more Catching up with ‘Dan Conner’

The Greatest Punk Performances You’ve Never Seen

The Screamers - Live at Target, 1978 Considered the "greatest band to never release an album," Los Angeles' The Screamers left a legacy that is still talked about. Filmed in the fall of 1978 this footage is one of only a few surviving pieces of The Screamer's legacy.  Tomata du Plenty, The Screamer's frenzied frontman,…Read more The Greatest Punk Performances You’ve Never Seen