The Greatest Punk Performances You’ve Never Seen

The Screamers – Live at Target, 1978

Considered the “greatest band to never release an album,” Los Angeles’ The Screamers left a legacy that is still talked about.

Filmed in the fall of 1978 this footage is one of only a few surviving pieces of The Screamer’s legacy.  Tomata du Plenty, The Screamer’s frenzied frontman, commanded attention with his frantic movements and panicked facial expression, while Tommy Gear, K.K. and Paul mesmerized audiences with an avant-garde cacophony created through the use of synthesizers and electric pianos.

The Screamers, Live at Target, included on Screamers DVD.”,”source”:”

The Screamers, Live at Target, included on Screamers DVD.

Fear – Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live! star, and avid punk fan, John Belushi pulled strings in 1981 in order to feature Los Angeles’ FEAR as the featured guest on the weekly live sketch comedy show.  Opting to use real punks in the audience instead of extras, NBC pulled the broadcasted act within seconds of a punk exclaiming, “Fuck New York!” on a live, nationally broadcasted program.

Reported monetary damage to The Rockefeller Center, purposely inflated by frontman Lee Ving, cemented FEAR, and the Los Angeles punk scene, as uncontrollable.

The episode was never replayed in syndication and has yet to be included in any of the Saturday Night Live! digital collections.


The Stooges – Cincinnati Pop Festival, 1970

A noticeably intoxicated Iggy Pop, wearing little more than blue jeans and gloves, incites Cincinnati concert goers while The Stooges blast through “T.V. Eye” and “I Feel Alright.”  Propped above the shoulders of stage side fans, Iggy baffles local news broadcasters while applying peanut butter to his upper body.

The Ramones annihilate CBGBs, September 15, 1974

The Ramones, clad in tattered blue jeans and donning matching bowl cuts, tear through soon-to-be classic jams from the mecca of punk rock, CBGBs, in their rookie year.

The Clash – “White Riot” Tour, 1977

A rare live video of The Clash from their May 1977 “White Riot” tour. Witness Joe, Paul, Mick, & Terry blaze through the “Capital Radio,” “Protex Blue,” “Cheat,” Remote Control,” White Riot,” and Police & Thieves”


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